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An Introduction to Q-Net

We would like to introduce you to the most advanced, game changing cybersecurity solution since the advent of the next-gen firewall. QNS provides national intelligence grade security that is simple to implement, incredibly easy to manage, super fast and quantum compute-resistant. In other words, Q-Net Security is a modern cyber solution uniquely qualified to secure communications in our increasingly digital world. 


Q-Net Security, Inc. (QNS), is an innovative cybersecurity company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 2015 by a team of highly acclaimed technologists, engineers and security experts, QNS is driven to provide clean communication channels which leverage the public internet. Through the power, performance and the in-alterable nature of silicon, the QNS hardware-barrier is a truly groundbreaking approach to cybersecurity. 

Executive Summary

We provide National Intelligence-grade solutions to enterprises for securing all data in flight, especially machine-to-machine (including IoT applications). Q-Net Security solutions use a patented hardware barrier that leverages strong, quantum-resistant encryption and True Random Number Generated symmetric keys that can change every packet or transaction to move and authenticate data securely, and is drop-in ready to implement in public networks. By operating at line rates QNS can also protect endpoints from such nefarious activities as DDoS attacks. 

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For more information about Q-Net, their solutions, and their previous work. Click on the box below to check out more at Q-Net's website. 

Solutions for Enterprise Protection

Small Enterprise


Small organizations can quickly secure any environment with our targeted, standard design architectures. 

  • 2 to 100 Endpoints
  • 1 to 2 Physical Locations

Medium Enterprise


Enterprise-class cybersecurity is a snap with Q-Net Security Solutions for Medium sized companies. 

  • 100 to 4,999 Endpoints
  • 2 to 10 Physical Locations

Large Enterprise


Reduce the complexity and daily maintenance burden of your enterprise security solution with QNS. 

  • Unlimited Endpoints
  • Unlimited Physical Locations

Case Studies


Retail - Point of Sale (POS)

This case is a sample real world scenario, involving several point of sale devices connected to an open Local Area Network (LAN), over the public Internet to a secure server located at either a corporate headquarters, or a credit card processing company. 

Personal Identifiable Information

This case is a sample real world scenario involving server-to-server communication connected over public/private networks, which may be separated by long physical distances, securing data in flight and conforming to GDPR Regulations.

Traffic Control

 This case is a sample real world scenario involving traffic control systems, including traffic signal monitoring and control along with security cameras, contained inside secure pedestals, however communicating between each other via general internet and Wi-Fi.

Financial Services

This case is a sample real world scenario connects servers between banking institutions to a central back (ACH) to clear transactions. The links between the separate entities may be separated by long physical distances over public/private networks.

Power Grid

This case is a sample real world scenario involving the remote control of one or more power plants over a standard IP based network incorporating QNS hardware barrier to provide highly secure encrypted links with rapidly changing unique keys.

Medical Devices

This case is a sample real world scenario where patients have wearable devices collecting health information and possibly administering care (pace maker or drug dispenser) remotely. This information/control received by a local base station and then transmitted via the public Internet to the care provider.

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