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Mission Statement:

Secure Industrial Control Networks from cyber-attacks to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the world's most critical infrastructures.

Your Results:

Better Security and reduced downtime for your critical OT environments

What Sets Claroty Apart:

Most Comprehensive Protection, Detection, and Response

  • Integrated Claroty Platform for defense in-depth
  • Streamlined deployment and management for reduced TCO

Best In-Class Threat Detection and Response

  • Near 100% "extreme visibility" yields advanced anomaly detection
  • Rapid triage and shortened remediation for reduced downtime

Proven, Scalable Enterprise-class Software

  • Battle-tested in very-large deployments across 6 continents
  • Validated by Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider, Belden/TripWire

Leverage Your Existing Networks & Security Infrastructure

  • Out-of-Box integration with: SIEM/Analytics, Firewalls, NAC, etc.
  • Proactive protection and automated response 
  • Efficient IT/OT SOC performance

Clarity on Claroty

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the perfect storm

ICS Insecure by Design


  • Flat Networks
  • Weak Authentication
  • No Encryption
  • Insecure ICS protocols
  • Difficult/rare patching

Increasingly Connected


  • Vendor remote access
  • Shop floor to top floor KPI's
  • Data analytics programs
  • Supply chain integration
  • Predictive Analytics

Active Threat Landscape


  •  Nation-State Attacks Target ICS
  • Repeated Warnings From DHS/FBI, GCHQ, Others
  • Billions in Collateral Damage from Ransomware Attacks

Gaining Clarity on Claroty

Claroty Case studies


Chemical Industry

The cyber threat landscape for OT networks is changing rapidly. The classic nation state threat actors, targeting critical infrastructure, 

are now joined by multiple groups that are leveraging newly disclosed attack tools (such as the ones leaked from the NSA trove by 

the ShadowBrokers group). New threats include both cyber criminals executing impactful ransomware campaigns as well as the 

rising potential for jihadists or other terrorists to leverage widely available, and very sophisticated tools and techniques to cause harm. 

Oil & Gas

 The oil and gas industry has long been in the cross-hairs of ICS\SCADA cyber security threats. These advanced automation networks, collectively known as operational technology, or OT networks, are used throughout the entire upstream and downstream operations life-cycle. The extensive use of these automation systems significantly increases productivity, but at the same time it provides an additional attack surface that 

threat actors can leverage to inflict material harm

Power Generation

 As a fundamental critical infrastructure component, electric utilities are a distinct target for  threat  actors  that  seek  to  disrupt  the  day-to-day  life  of  citizens.  The  increasing  

inter-connectivity between automation control systems and IT networks across power generation, transmission and distribution introduces a growing attack surface within 

the electric utilities ecosystem and introduces a security imperative upon the industry’s key stakeholders worldwide.

Cyber Security Cases

Claroty is a comprehensive cyber-security solution for data centers’ OT networks, unleashing the power of modern networks to the OT world. Claroty’s solution provides actionable security and visibility to OT threats, designed for the use  of data center operations and information security personnel. Claroty will alert to any anomalies in 

communication patterns within the OT network, in addition to firmware manipulations, 

configuration changes, detection of new devices, attempts of spoofing, poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks, changes in network track load and more – all including the relevant information in order to identify attack patterns and compromised devices for actionable response.

Offshore Gas and Water Utilities

  • Fortune 1000 Oil and Gas company operating multitude of onshore and offshore production sites across the globe. The gas production holds a significant portion of the country’s natural gas supply. The customer is the production and process sites are viable attack targets for hostile nation states and terrorist groups threat actors, and thus invests heavily in securing them from both physical and cyber attacks. Any halt in production would entail significant monetary losses due to various contractual and regulative obligation.
  • One of the largest water utilities companies in Europe, operating multiple sites. The customer’s main concerns are pollution of nearby water sources due to malfunctioning of automation systems, which will result with heavy fines. The customer has already experienced several non-targeted cyber events that involved infection of various HMI\EWS. Additionally, the customer is aware that as a core critical infrastructure component it may be considered as a viable target for hostile nation states and terrorist groups. As a result, the IT department received the authority of implementing cybersecurity measures throughout the customer’s production networks.

Windfarm Protection.

 An attacker that seeks to disrupt the sound operation of windfarms would attempt to manipulate the OT protocol that is used to control and monitor the operational values 

on the wind turbine’s controller

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