About Us

About Us


Best in class technology.

Security for a digital world.

About us.

What Makes Us Different


Intelligence grade security.

Quantum Compute Resistant.
Superior Security.

Our History


Our history.

Our Mission.

Our Beliefs.

About Us


Best in class Cybersecurity technologies

Protecting Critical Assets
Production ready for most applications   (IoT / IIoT)

No changes to existing networks

Engineered to last for years without patching or updates


Security for a Digital World

We offer full range of engineering services and technologies solutions designed  to create best in class enterprise infrastructure security for Industrial Control System (ICS) assets. We operate in both operational technology (OT) and IT professional fields.  


About Us

The next evolution since the advent of the next generation application firewalls. Technology  based in silicon, super fast and quantum compute-resistant. The complete removal of software attack surfaces. Secure manufacturing ICS / SCADA networks simply and quickly without installing costly and complicated layer 3 networking and firewall software OS based technologies.

What Makes us different


Intelligence Grade Security

 We go beyond US Top-Secret standards to provide an impenetrable silicon barrier to bad actors and malicious threat vectors.  If the organizations goals is to protect intellectual property, data, theft, sabotage and espionage.  Velta Technology can greatly reduce the attack surface.

Quantum Compute Resistant

 Leveraging quantum cryptography and a hardware based on true random number generators. 

Works with Your Existing Network

Works seamlessly with your existing network and enterprise infrastructure. We don't replace it, complicate it, or degrade its performance. We simply lay on top of your current network to create an impenetrable network segment where defined endpoints can communicate with ultimate protection and confidence. 

Superior Security for Point-to-Point Communication

Purpose-built to create an impenetrable barrier between defined endpoints within your existing network. A national intelligence-grade, quantum-resistant security technology more powerful than any other cyber-security solution in the world. 

Solution made for all industries

Regardless of the size of the organization Velta Technology solutions fit perfectly.   

Our history

A Little Bit About Us

Velta Technology works hand -in-hand with Q-Net Security.  Q-Net Security, Inc. (Q-Net), is an innovative cybersecurity company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 2015 by a team of highly acclaimed technologists, engineers and security experts, Q-Net is driven to provide clean communication channels which leverage the public internet. Through the power, performance and the in-alterable nature of silicon, Q-Net’s hardware-barrier is a truly groundbreaking approach to cyber-security. 

Our Mission:  At Velta Technology our mission is to be able to help, educate, and protect  organizations from cyber threats.  When an organization goes under attack it not only affects the organization but the community as well. 

We Believe: There is a war going on in cybersecurity. It happens everyday, slowly. We may not notice it until it is too late. We want to educate and protect organizations from the dangers of cyber attacks.